Vasileios Basios

Vasileios Basios

Group Coordinator, Self-Organization and Emergence in Complex Matter

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Dr. Vasilieios Basios spent his formative years working within the team of Ilya Prigogine (Nobel laureate) at the Solvay Institutes for Physics and Chemistry at the University of Brussels, where he later got his PhD. Subsequently and after a short research post in the Belgian Royal Meteorological Service he became a senior researcher (2002-2014) at the Physics Department of the University of Brussels with a specialization in physics of complex systems and nonlinear dynamics. His main research activities were focused on the research initiative of the European Space Agency's (ESA) science program for the International Space Station (ISS) dealing with self-organization of complex matter.

He is conducting interdisciplinary research on self-organization and emergence in complex matter as well as aspects of the foundations of complex systems. He regularly participates in and organizes conferences and workshops, representing team work. He also held a visiting research fellowship at the University of Patras (2005-2006) conducting research on emergent systems and supervising younger researchers. This activity continues until now under the auspices of THALYS, a EU-research initiative. He is also a member of several scholarly societies, serving as a referee and reviewer.

Other interests include outreach projects concerning science and the public. In this capacity, among other, he has contributed a webinar on “Complexity” for ICRL as well as a chapter in the book "Filters: Reflections”, ICRL Press, Princeton, NJ, 2010; also a chapter in “Endophysics, Time, Quantum and The Subjective”, World Scientific, 2005. As early as 1991 and 1992 he organized with Emilios Bouratinos and the “Athenean Society” two conferences, in Athens and Olympia, with the subject “Science of Consciousness”. Later he participated in the preparation and coordination (from 1997-1999) of the “Millennium Conference on Integration” which took place at the University of Cambridge in 2000.

Among these other interests he maintains a special focus on the history of ideas in science and their role in the transformation of science beyond the prevailing mechanistic world view. To this end he has contributed several essays in international public journals and books and actively participates and organizes conferences, symposia, webinars and forums. He is also a senior member of the Scientific and Medical Network.

He sees the science of complex systems - the challenge of the 21st century, as Stephen Hawking famously put it, as a precursor of a fundamental shift in our understanding of nature, but also as a fundamental shift of this very nature of our understanding. Vasileios Basios maintains a keen interest in contemporary research avenues that have started to lead us to this new renaissance, concerned with the renewal of a “re-enchanted” nature.

Access to equipment or laboratory resources:

My work is theoretical; I have access to computing facilities on demand. I do have an RNG and I am developing on my own statistical analysis software based on a variant of Shannon entropy (block entropy) for random symbol-sequences.

Education field/universities attended:

B.Sc. (Physics) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,

M.Sc. (Theoretical Physics) University of Brussels.

Ph.D. (Theoretical Physics) University of Brussels.

Are there additional literature sources you believe are relevant to our project?

I think M3P covers most of the important resources on the subject. It could be augmented though by some key references on complexity and emergence:

Those on epigenetics and complexity i.e. starting from Richard Strohman's:

Also the work of Ralph Abraham might be interesting and beneficial:

“Chaos, Gaia, Eros: A Chaos Pioneer Uncovers the Three Great Streams of History”, Epigraph Publishing, June 16, 2011.

“Demystifying the Akasha: Consciousness and the Quantum Vacuum” by Ralph Abraham and Sisir Roy, Epigraph Books, August, 2010.

And last but not least, the works of Frijof Capra on Systems Theory:


My recent publications can be found here, the list is updated periodically:

Vasileios Basios and Emilios Bouratinos,

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Article: Symbolic Dynamics, Coarse Graining and the Monitoring of Complex Systems.

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Article: Kinetics of intermediate-mediated self-assembly in nano-sized materials: a generic model

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Article: A New Paradigm of Crystallization Arising from Non-standard Nucleation Pathways

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Article: Statistical properties of time-reversible triangular maps of the square

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status: published. 01/2005;

Article: Encountering Complexity:. in Need for a Self-Reflecting (pre)epistemology

Vasileios Basios

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Article: Hyperchaos of arbitrary order generated by a single feedback circuit, and the emergence of chaotic walks.

René Thomas, Vasileios Basios, Markus Eiswirth, Thomas Kruel,Otto E Rössler

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