Mind-Matter Entanglement via Telepathic Body Jerks

Part 2

by Edmond Chouinard, 485 River Avenue, Providence, RI 02908 USA


Knee jerks and body movements are dramatically seen as a function of mentally directed protocols. It appears that mental protocols that send out thoughts and energy, even from distant points around the world, directly affect targeted individuals in the laboratory. Remote thought energy interacts directly with physical motion detection systems via the human body. Mankind would thus appear to be closely tied together, as energized thoughts can literally become enacted at a distance by a target that is open to their reception. They appear to be extraordinary cases of information transfer in remote communication, like telepathy and telekinesis, that is, remarkable instances of a new understanding of quantum entanglement. Breathing patterns are found to significantly change according to mental protocols of agitated Turbulence or of loving Quietness. Comparisons are made relative to Initial Calibrations taken before the targeting protocols begin. Quasi-static electrodynamic energy fields in the surrounding laboratory environment are also found to drastically change as a function of the targeting mental protocols. Numerous large coil sensors indicate substantial changes in frequency spectrum energy densities around the subject's body and in the local environment. Something very important is happening here. These many physically measured phenomena directly correlate with directed thought energies sent by the mental protocols. Amazing!

Such findings are unveiled through dozens of simultaneous physical measurements on protocol targets and on the local laboratory environment, where large telltale signals have evolved. This paper presents a detailed overview of these findings via a wide cross section of frequency spectrums of simultaneous physical measurements. There are many graphs here, but they are easy to read and the exposition of the findings is in the details. Building upon these rather amazing discoveries will undoubtedly change life and the world from that which is presently known. It will be helpful in reading this Part 2 paper to first read the Part 1 paper entitled, "Mind-Matter Entanglement with Geomagnetic Fields". The folks who so graciously participated as "mental senders" in this experiment were "live" Baltimore seminar participants of channeler, Steve Rother, who led the group with short mental protocols while laboratory target events were recorded in Providence, Rhode Island. Continued follow up on this project of several experiments will continue through Steve Rother's channeling website, www.lightworker.com.

Knee Jerk Experiment:

This Knee Jerk Experiment was performed on a May 27, 2004. The results are extraordinary and most profound. The experiment consists of seven sequential 128-second measurement periods that correspond to the seven experimental protocols: #1-Initial Calibration, #2-Send Turbulence and Random Knee Jerks, #3-Send Love and Quietness, #4-Send Sync Knee Jerks Right, #5-Send Sync Knee Jerks Left, #6-Send Love and Quietness, and #7-Final Calibration. Each data file contains 64-channels and each is sampling data at 128 samples per second for 128 seconds. Fourier transform frequency spectrums are performed on all channels of every file, as shown throughout this paper for a quantitative measure of energy excitation over the specified frequency range. Frequency spectrums run from 1 to 8192 data points, corresponding to 0.0078 Hz to 64 Hz. Hence, 1 Hz = 8192/64 = 128 data points. Digital resolution is thus 0.0078 Hz. All graphs are plotted in terms of data points and the frequency associated with any desired data point is: Frequency = (Data Point Value)/128.

Figure 1 - Magnetic Wand Measurements

Figure 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D

Figure 1A and 1B indicate very large signals (magenta traces) of knee movements that are some order of magnitude larger than the background reference signals (brown traces). Attached to each knee is an 18" long rod with a magnet attached to its end, and thus called a "magnetic wand". The magnet tip end is located between a pair of ultra sensitive receiver coils that monitor the magnet movements to microinch resolutions. In comparison to the Initial Calibration, the magenta charts show signals that are 10 to 50 times larger. Note that the vertical axis is a logarithmic scale, which increases or decreases by a factor of 10 at each upward moving horizontal line. The knee activity occurs over a bandwidth going from data point 1 = 0.0078 Hz (the lowest measurable frequency) to data point 640 = 5 Hz. The greatest amount of activity is seen approximately between 32 = 0.25 Hz and 384 = 3 Hz.

For comparison, figure 1C and 1D show the same setups of the left knees of two subjects in the Web of Love Experiment (see the Part 1 paper), where no such thing is seen between the Send Turbulence signals (red traces) and the corresponding Initial Calibration (blue traces). In fact, Figure 1C indicates that the red trace actually became quieter during its Send Turbulence session, as if the leg fell asleep! There are good reason for such differences.

Verbatim Instructions

The spectrum graphs 1A and 1B derive not simply from an ordinary Send Turbulence protocol, but most specifically, from a Send Turbulence and Random Knee Jerks protocol. In fact, the whole experimental session was called the "Knee Jerk Experiment". Throughout, the mental protocol was very specifically involved with knee jerks. Also, the mental protocols of the experiment were very precisely aligned within the 128 second measurement window, as the Baltimore sending site was continuously in contact with the Providence measurement site by an open telephone. In sharp contrast, the Web of Love experiment made no mention of "knee jerk" in its associated mental protocol, and the protocol timing was considerably less focused within the actual measurement window.

This is a quite profound finding. It tends to physically corroborate something that is rather well known by esoteric study organizations. Remote communication by way of passing through the other side of the veil requires very explicit verbatim instructions. Extending the meaning of instructions through logical induction and deduction simply does not occur in communicating and energizing with the subtler higher vibrations of reality. The reason given is quite simple. Verbatim instructions are heard without further ado because it is that very self who gives the instruction who is the one in command, through both the lower and the higher vibrational status of the self, not some other higher vibrational being. The often arising difficulties in such a new understanding is due, for the most part, to not yet having given ourselves the due credit deserved of the arising subtle awareness that is inherent in our being.

Figure 2 - Accelerometer Measurements

Figures 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D

Both knees of the human target also had accelerometers attached to them, extremely sensitive weighted piezo motion sensors that were specially created for this task. Figure 2A shows the frequency spectrum of the left knee motions, in magenta, relative to the Initial Calibration before the start of experiment, in brown. Note the relatively high red peaks between 128 = 1 Hz and 256 = 2 Hz, having amplitudes of some 10X greater than the brown Calibration reference in this Send Turbulence & Knee Jerks protocol.. Graph 2B shows none of this during the Send Love & Quietness session. Indeed, the leg looks to be perfectly quiet, relative to the previous Send Knee Jerks protocol. We notice the same type of phenomena occurring again on the right knee in graphs 2C for Send Knee Jerks and in graph 2D for Send Quietness. For unknown reasons, it seems that the same Initial Calibrate (brown trace) on the 2C and 2D graphs was considerably more active than usual. Graph 2C indicates the greatest amplitude excursions, way down in frequency, less than 128, say at about 50 = 0.39 Hz. Graph 2D indicates that the right leg also must have "fallen asleep" in the soothing Send Love & Quietness routine. Amazing! Perhaps most astounding is that the human target had no knowledge or awareness that anything at all was happening at the knees, nor did there seem to be any outstanding qualitative differences felt between the two mental protocols. In fact, there was a subjective feeling that the experiment must have failed. Seeing the data was astonishing!

Another puzzle yet to be solved is that graphs 2A and 2B indicate two pips, one at the now well known 1032 = 8.06 Hz, that mostly false aliased signal that is superimposed upon or close to several of the near by Schumann resonances, and the other at approximately 560 = 4.38 Hz, something that has been seen before on other frequency spectrums. The problem is that these pips do not appear on graphs 2C and 2D, derived from identical type sensors and passing through virtually identical instrumentation. It is noteworthy however that the accelerometers were attached directly on 10 pound coils surrounding the legs and located just above the knee level at a body sitting position. It is speculated that a lot gross asymmetries may have caused such a problem, as little attention was spent in the location of the accelerometers on the coils, while being also close to the knees. The low impedance leg and coil proximities to the sensors may have absorbed different amounts of the high impedance geomagnetic field, just because of specific location, a phenomena that was seen several times in the Part 1 paper. Looking now more closely at graphs 2C and 2D, the emerging possibility of the 1032 = 8.06 Hz resonance and the 560 = 4.38 Hz pip can just barely be seen.

Figure 3 - Breath Sensors 40527b1f1-2-3gr13,14,0-1hz.doc

Figures 3A, 3B, 3C, and 3D

Specially created and extremely sensitive sensors measure the volume of breath separately from each nostril. The mouth is kept closed throughout. The four graphs of Figure 3 indicate the breath flowings through each nostril, which in this instance is remarkably balanced and similar in both nostrils. For both nostrils, all graphs indicate around an order of magnitude increase in flow at the 64 to 80 values, say 72 = 0.563 Hz. Thus, whether Sending Turbulence or Quietness, there was a bit of microscopic level panting, on average around 0.563 Hz, that is, slightly faster than one breath every 2 seconds. Speculating, this frequency region may well designate a "carrier signal" of information and/or minuscule energy impulses. Otherwise, the two Send Turbulence & Knee Jerk graphs, 3A and 3C, are much like the Initial Calibrate stage (brown traces). A dramatic change occurs, however, in graphs 3B and 3D when Send Love & Quietness protocols take over. From about 12 = 0.09 Hz to 30 = 0.23 Hz, equivalent to about 1 breath every 4-seconds to 11-seconds), breathing volume drops by an order of magnitude, about 10X. The total volume of breathing drops significantly in the Send Quietness protocol as compared with the Send Turbulence protocol. The same type phenomena occurs, and even more significantly, when one drops into the state of TM's transcendental consciousness. The ratio of the statistical means of the raw digitized analog signals of protocols (Send Turbulence)/(Send Quietness) = 1.06. The absolute values of the breath analog signals are direct coupled into instrumentation, so that any value over 1.00 indicates more breath volume in Turbulence session. However, being such a tiny increment, even though in the right direction, we may remain suspicious. Though changes in breath volume are significant, what seems even more noteworthy are the automatic spontaneously occurring frequency changes in the breathing patterns, surely some sort of body information signature. As with much of the data presented so far, the indication is that yet more data is needed for verification.

Electrodynamic Field Ring

The laboratory is setup with some five dozen extremely low frequency antenna surfaces, in different spatial configurations, which measure the high impedance quasi-static electric fields of the environment, those fields that supply the energy for storm lightning. These electrodynamic fields have intensities multiplying at the rate of 200 to 300 volts per meter upwards from the Earth. The reason that we do not feel the sting of such high voltages, indeed, between 500 to 600 volts from toes to head, is because the human body is a very low impedance salt water vessel that shorts out the available miniscule currents, which magnitudes are well below the threshold of feeling. By monitoring this vector field, any low impedance moving through such a field can be seen, as the field itself becomes relatively shorted out at the specific interacting 3-dimensional locations. For example, moving one's finger, just a little, can easily be seen anywhere in the laboratory. We humans are immersed in these electrodynamic and geomagnetic fields all the time, never giving it a moments thought or attention. It is speculated that to the extent that ghosts may have some sort of a lower impedance ionic plasma sheath, they too will be seen. Several antenna surfaces are located around a 26" diameter plastic ring, which is thus called an electrodynamic field ring. It surrounds the target subject during this set of Send Turbulence and Quietness protocols.

Figure 4 - Electrodynamic Field Ring 40527b1f1-2-3gr19,0-14-64hz2.doc

Figures 4A and 4B

The 2-graphs of Figure 4 show the lower frequency spectrum region to 1792 = 14 Hz of data output from the electrodynamic field ring. The magenta trace of graph 4A indicates considerable increased activity during the Send Turbulence & Knee Jerk mental protocol, most of the way from 0 to 1024 = 8 Hz, where many of the signals are well over an order of magnitude greater than the Initial Calibration shown in the brown trace. The trace activity reflects changing impedance values in the close local environment, here caused by tiny movements over the test subject's body, and perhaps also by entangled electromagnetic fields generated by the body itself. The sensitivity of these sensors is almost surreal, where miniscule motions of the fingers can give huge signals. Should anyone doubt their deep connectivity to mother Earth, they need only see these sensors in action. There is no sense of calibration here yet, except that system gains were maximized such that a steady quiet body produced just a "little noise". The intent among all of these sensors is to first find usable signals, any signal at all that is repeatable, after which more experiments will be run to capture more of the quantitative and qualitative fine structures. Many of these sensors are still in development stages. The magenta trace of graph 4B shows this same field ring output a few minutes later when the Send Love & Quietness mental protocol is activated. The differences between Turbulence and Quietness protocols are clearly seen.

Figures 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - Coil Sensors Surrounding Head and Lower Knees

Figures 5A, 5B - 6A, 6B - 7A, 7B - 8A, 8B - 9A, 9B - 10A, 10B

The targeted test subject was surrounded with six magnetic field coil sensors, four 14" coils and two 6" coils, as shown above in the six sets of graphs. The first "A" member of each set is the Send Turbulence & Knee Jerk protocol for the particular designated coil sensor, and the second "B" member is similarly the Send Love & Quietness protocol. All six coil sensors show an overwhelming distinction between the two mental protocols, there often being some two and three orders difference in magnitude. It is thought that most of this response is due to body part motions, though some of it may well be a superposition of body emitted low frequency electromagnetic fields, due to increased neuron currents. This will have to be studied. Body parts can move to frequencies up to roughly 10 Hz or so, that is, from physiological data, body response times are of the order of 100 milliseconds. This agrees pretty well with the graphs, though some of them to indicate response to 14 Hz. Similar response is seen on all sets of graphs, where the type and location of sensor is noted on each graph. These are huge signals. How can one possibly doubt that such responses necessarily have an extremely strong correlation with the mental protocols? Showing the setup used for these six sets of graphs is a photo of a young lady sitting in the middle of several large and smaller coil sensors, which can be seen in the overview paper entitled, "Experimental Program on Mind-Matter Interrelationships", located at www.lightworker.com or it is available from me electronically.

Coils on Legs at Knees - Repetitive Mental Protocols

Up to now, all mental protocols have been a random and continuous mental activity perpetuated by each sending individual according to his or her own time clock and frame of reference. Now, for the first time, we show data from protocols that precisely repeated, over and over again, according to the beat of a soft 0.8 Hz clicking sound, similar as might be heard from a metronome or grandfather's clock. The clicks were generated by a precision crystal controlled oscillator to be exactly 0.800 Hz. Run #4 protocol was to Send Sync Knee Jerks to the Right, repetitively, in synchrony with the softly heard clicks. Run #5 mental protocol was to Send Sync Knee Jerks to the Left, that is, to mentally strike the knee, hit it, push it, pull it, whatever seemed appropriate to the person Sending, but always synchronously with the clicking sounds. A ten pound 6" Coil was inserted around each leg of the test target, just above the knees, to measure some composite mixture of the surrounding geomagnetic fields, the movement of the coil through the quasi-static electrodynamic fields, and the currents generated by the leg's nervous system and muscle flexing. Figures 11 and 12 displays 3-graphs each of these two coil sensors during the #5 mental protocol, Send Sync Knee Jerks to the Left at 0.8 Hz Repetition Rate.

Figures 11, 12 - Coils on Legs at Knees 40527b1f1-5gr55,56,0-4-32hz.doc

Figures 11A, 11B, 11C - 12A, 12B, 12C

Figures 11 and 12 above shows 6-graphs, the first 3 for the right knee and the second 3 for the left knee. Graphs 11A and 12A show the frequency spectrum to 4096 = 32 Hz for the Right Knee and Left Knee, respectively. Note the heavy activity to around 768 = 6 Hz, the continuing middling activity to around 1280 = 10 Hz, until pretty much diminished at 1792 = 14 Hz. Graphs 11B and 12B are expansions of the first 512 = 4 Hz data points. There is a lot of commotion here, by at least 100X relative to the Initial Calibration magnitudes, and the fine structure is a bit different for each leg. Finally, 11C and 12C are expansions around the 3840 = 30 Hz pip seen at far right of 11A and 12A. The Initial Calibration (in blue) generated nothing here, but the energized Send Knee Jerk protocols contain the 30 Hz signal. Moreover, 11C appears to contain another example of that mysterious continuously growing pip that was seen earlier in the Part 1 paper, which was found moving from 30.34 Hz to 30.44 Hz during a 30-minute measurement sequence. The pip on 11C has a frequency 3923 = 30.65 Hz. It is just barely visible on 12A or 12C, perhaps in one of its phases of dissolution, or perhaps due to large differences in the fine structure of the two legs? The test subject has long known of physiological differences and asymmetries between the legs, pointed out decades ago, in no subtle manner, during the early days of attempted skiing.

Graphs 11B and 12B, expansions over the first 512 = 4 Hz data points, have been introduced primarily to observe the commotion at the mental protocol sync frequency of precisely 0.8 Hz = 102.4, that is, at either the 102 or 103 data point. One would think that we should have a very large pip here, some sum of that mental effort from a group of folks, synchronously together at the 0.8 Hz clicking sound. We should see something here, perhaps even a spread-out larger bandwidth bell curve type of pip, since on short term viewing the senders may Send more or less to the 0.8 Hz sync click, perhaps swaying slightly forward or backwards in time from click to click, even though the longer term average will be precisely at 0.8 Hz. So, it is expected that we should see something. Yet, there is nothing! Absolutely nothing! This was rather shocking and totally unexpected. We shall come back to this critical point in the Part 3 paper.


This paper reflects some very amazing phenomena regarding the connection of man with the rest of mankind, here specifically via electrodynamic and geomagnetic connections with the Earth. Though there is yet much work to be done in unfolding the specific meaning and relationships among this data, the large changing data signals most definitely exist. Thus the fundamental goals of the experiments have been achieved. It is no longer shear philosophic speculation or religious zeal that speculate that mankind is somehow tied together; it is quickly becoming an obvious physical measurable fact. However, it is a universal experience that such all encompassing holistic phenomena are difficult to initially accept, often because the inherent philosophic and pragmatic implications presume a greater personal responsibility. The notions can be psychologically troublesome if the personal experience does not also verify such a situation, so usually, a pragmatic solution is to discard the notions altogether, even the hard scientific evidence. Out of sight; out of mind. This has been much the situational status given to parapsychology over the years and decades, purporting that the data is too sparse, too infinitesimal, and that its potential meaning only emerges after huge numbers of experimental trials pass through some highly manipulated mathematical statistics. Now, such a situational avoidance excuse is over. Here is some hard, heavy, and mostly repeatable data, similar say, to the data that might be gathered in monitoring physical movements of a projectile out of classical physics. The repeatability has not yet achieved the rigorous standards of physics, but it is well on its way. The present limitations are probably due to incomplete understanding of all the new variables in play, especially the quantum mechanical coupling aspects which load and unload information into and out of the communication streams.

Again, I wish to thank the many folks, worldwide, who have contributed so magnificently to this work, and I particularly wish to thank Steve Rother, who accelerated my research schedule with his enthusiasm. I open my laboratory to any scientist and/or research group wishing to further research this topic in good faith. It is my sincere intention to become integrally involved with other folks of like mind in this most extraordinary worldwide research effort. I invite all parties, who in good faith wish to contribute to this noble effort, to join me in a new discussion group for precisely this purpose, Mind-Matter Entanglement Laboratory. This group also contains several papers, in the Files Section, that are pertinent to this topic. See: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MindMatterEntanglementLab. Thank you. Edmond Chouinard