There are multiple ways in which you can be a part of the Mind-Matter Mapping Project. Here is what we are looking for:

  • Regular Database content contribution: a minimum of four nano-citations per month, based on assigned literature (see How This Works). For members this is a requirement.

  • Submissions for the Journal of Nonlocality (experimental proposals, completed studies, comments on experimental work or other M3P content. Please do not submit philosophical papers or models that do not include experimental verification.)

  • Help with IT projects

  • Volunteer for experiments

  • Teaching opportunities (please contact or ICRL for more details)

  • Notify us of new research projects and grant opportunities, relevant new literature or related publications, organizations and discussion forums

  • Financial Contributions toward the Mind-Matter Mapping Prize or ICRL (please specify purpose of donation). A yearly financial contribution to help sustain ICRL would be greatly appreciated, but is not mandatory for membership. We strongly believe in open access and collaborative research and recognize that such dues may be prohibitive to some potential participants. This being said, every such project has some bare-bones technical expenses and your contribution ensures that we can meet these challenges. Donations will be administered by ICRL and are tax-deductible - please see Support to contribute or for more details.