Tamra Temple

Tamra Temple, N.D.

Contact information:

Open Source Research Services

HC 30 Box 81

Winston, NM 87943


Expertise/Questions/Interest areas: Interest progression from 1970s - 80s: neurophysiology, computer programming, and meditative arts. 1980's-90s Qigong healing, anomalous cognition and mind matters. I also have a keen interest in sociological movements of and changes in consciousness.

Education field/universities attended: Cedar Crest College, McNeese University, Clayton College of Natural Healing

Highest Education Level: summa cum laude Bachelor's (traditional) and Doctor of Naturopathy (non-traditional institution)

Past and current affiliations: Society for Scientific Exploration, International Remote Viewing Association, Society for Risk Management, American Anthropology Association, ibid Anthropology of Consciousness group, American Massage Therapy Association, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, O.E.S.


  • The Star Gate Interactive Archives

  • "Series 1 User's Manual" (user's manual for a front end processor, written for Shared Medical Systems)

  • “Speak Easy" (a textbook for university level rhetoric and public speaking classes)

  • various qi gong manuals

  • all writing for the formation of a licensed private school for the state of PA (Brochure, curriculum, Dept of Education licensing tomes, Student handbook, Policies and Procedures, classroom handouts, etc needed for the founding of PA Institute of Massage Therapy)

  • curriculum, newsletter, and training materials for LaoNet (teaching English and citizenship to Lao people)