Who We Are


The Mind-Matter Mapping Project is a world-wide network of researchers, labs and organizations interested in extending our understanding of matter-consciousness interactions and nonlocality as they apply to quantum mechanics, biophysics and experimental parapsychology. Participants do not have to be affiliated with academia or have published research, however given the technical focus of the discussions we recommend that only individuals with a long-term commitment to experimental work in these disciplines apply for membership (see How This Works).

Core Advisory Group 

Robert G. Jahn, Ph.D.

Brenda J. Dunne, M.S.        Mind-Machine Interactions Group Coordinator

Roger Nelson, Ph.D.

Stefan Schmidt, Ph.D.

Ian Baker, Ph.D.

Hideyuki Kokubo

Editorial Board 

Iebele Abel, Ph.D. Res. - Applications 

Wolfgang Baer, Ph.D - Physics of Consciousness, Extension of Cognitive Brain Capabilities

Rajendra Bajpai, Ph. D. - Biophysics, Quantum Biology

Vasileios Basios, Ph.D. - Self-organization and Emergence in Complex Matter

Lyn Buchanan  -  Remote Viewing 

Jean Burns, Ph.D.  - Physics  Modeling 

Joseph (Joey) Caswell Ph.D. program -  Guest Editor; Biophysics/Qigong, Mind-Machine/Field Interactions (Project Coordinator); Research Equipment and Applications, Data Mining

Kevin Chen, Ph.D.  -  Qigong 

Larissa Cheran, Ph.D. - Biophysics 

Adam Curry  - Mind-Machine Interactions/ Applications 

Duane Elgin, Ph.D. - Social Sciences, Sustainable Future Projects

Harris Friedman, Ph. D. - Transpersonal Psychology, Mind-Body Interactions

Harris Friedman, Ph. D. - Transpersonal Psychology, Mind-Body Interactions

Mark J. Friedman, Ph.D. - Biophysics 

Mark Germine, MD - Cognitive Science

Isabelle Goulet, Ph.D. - Genetics, Epigenetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology

L. D. Gray  - IT Projects 

Kean Hin Ooi, BPharm(Hons) - Qigong Research

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. - Transpersonal Psychology, Psi Research, Dream Studies

James Lake, MD  -  Cognitive Science, Biophysics

Michael Levin, Ph.D. - Biophysical Controls of Cell Behavior and Morphology

Brian Millar, Ph.D. - Physics, Experimental Parapsychology

Margaret Moga, Ph.D. - Biophysics

Ulrich Mohrhoff  - Physics

Adrian Parker, Ph.D. - Psychology, Consciousness Research and Psi

Michael Persinger, Ph.D. - Neuroscience, Biophysics

Matti Pitkanen, Ph.D. - Physics Modeling 

Jim D. Prentice, Ph.D. - Physics

Phillip Shinnick, Ph.D  - Biophysics, Qigong

Erik Schultes, Ph.D. - IT Projects 

Mário Simões, MD, Ph.D. - Psychology and Physiology of Altered States of Consciousness

Daz Smith - Remote Viewing 

Paul Smith, Ph.D. - Remote Viewing

Lian Sidorov -  Founder and Journal Executive Editor

Tamra Temple, N.D.  - Stargate Interactive Archives Project    

Michal Teplan, Ph.D. - Biophysics

Patrizio Tressoldi, Ph.D. - Cognitive Science