Mario Simoes

Mário Simões

Contact information:


Fax: 00351211920680

Phone: 00351217933886 (temporary)

Expertise/Questions/Interest areas:

Psychiatry, hypnosis, psychology and physiology of altered states of consciousness, ethno-medicine and human exceptional experiences, mind-matter interaction

Access to equipment or laboratory resources:

LIMMIT - Laboratory for Mind-Matter Interaction with Therapeutic Intention, Faculty of Medicine, Lisbon, Portugal.

Education field/universities attended:

Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Lisbon, Portugal

Scientific Parapsychology, Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene (IGPP) , Freiburg, Germany

Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry, Experimental Psychosis Models, Psychiatric University Clinic, Zürich, Switzerland

Psychiatry, Logo therapy, Psychiatric University Clinic, Vienna, Austria

Psychiatry, Ego Disorders in Schizophrenia, Faculty of Medicine, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain

Highest Education Level:

MD, Master degree in Psychiatry, Specialist in Psychiatry, Ph D in Medicine-Psychiatry and Mental Health. Professor of Psychiatry

Past and current affiliations:

Associação Europeia de Psiquiatria

(Association Européenne de Psychiatrie, Strasbourg)

Associação Luso-Brasileira de Transpessoal (Lisboa, PT/ Campinas, BR)

Associação dos Médicos Portugueses para a Prevenção da Guerra Nuclear (PT)

Associação Portuguesa de Formação Médica Contínua (PT)

Associação Portuguesa de Hipnose Clínica e Experimental (PT)

Associação Portuguesa de Psicogerontologia (PT)

Associação Portuguesa de Sono (PT)

European Association for Regression Therapy (NL)

International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (USA)

Liga Portuguesa Contra a Epilepsia (PT)

Parapsychological Association (USA)

Scientific and Medical Network (GB)

Sociedade das Ciências Médicas de Lisboa (PT)

Sociedade Europeia para o Estudo da Consciência (DE))

(European College for the Study of Consciousness, Goettingen)

Sociedade para o Estudo da Psiquiatria e Cultura (USA)

(Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture, Providence)

Sociedade Portuguesa para a Exploração Científica (PT)

Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicossomática (PT)

Sociedade Portuguesa de Psiquiatria e Saúde Mental (PT)

Society for Psychical Research (GB)

Society for Scientific Exploration (USA)

Publications (only in English)

Simões M, Prats L (1990): Presumed poltergeist phenomena associated with temporal lobe dysfunction. Acta Psiquiátrica Portuguesa 36, 137-13

Simões M (1995): Acute Paranoid Schizophrenic Syndrome and Altered States of Consciousness (ASC): A Contribution to the ASC Hypothesis. In Schlichting M, Leuner H: Worlds of Consciousness. Vol. 5, Abstracts and selected papers (245-258). Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung. Berlin

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Sobrinho LG, Simões M, Barbosa L, Raposo JF, Pratas S, Fernandes PL, Santos MA (2002): Cortisol, prolactin, growth hormone and neurovegetative responses to emotions elicited during an hypnoidal state. Psycho-neuro-endocrinology 28, 1-17

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Simões M (2002): Altered States of Consciousness and Psychotherapy – A Cross- Cultural Perspective. The Intern J of Transpersonal Studies 21, 145-152

Simões M (2008): Trance (s) in Fátima. In Fernandes F, Fernandes J, Berenguel R: Fátima Revisited. The Apparition Phenomenon in Ufology, Psychology and Science (91-98). Anomalist Books. New York.