Kean Hin Ooi

Kean Hin Ooi


Island Zhineng Qigong Centre (PG 0060049-V)

F-8 Rifle Range Flats, 11400 Penang

Tel: 016-451 1103 Fax: 04-228 0278

E-mail :

Website: qigongzhineng/

Education and Training

BPharm (Hons) 1986, Science University of Malaysia

Zhineng Qigong Instructor and Therapist


  1. National Industry Expert (Qigong Therapy), Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia

  2. Panelist of Qigong Therapy National Occupational Skill Standard (MP-091-3), 2011, Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Human Resource and Traditional & Complementary Medicines Division, Ministry of Health.

  3. Internal and External Evaluating Officer of Qigong Therapy, Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia

  4. Honorary Secretary of Federation of Malaysia Qigong Associations (FOMQA) federated qigong association recognised by Ministry of Health, Malaysia


  1. Elementary Guide to Zhineng Qigong, 2002, 983-41012-0-1

  2. Zhineng Qigong – the science, practice & theory, 2010, 978-983-41012-1-3

  3. Zhineng Qigong Q&A, 2011, 978-983-41212-2-0

  4. Zhineng Taiji, 2012, 978-983-41012-4-4

Audio CDs:

  1. Pathological Perspective of Zhineng Qigong (introductory lecture for patients/ public), 2008

  2. Knowing Zhineng Qigong (introductory instructors), 2009

  3. Various audio cds on Zhineng Qigong practice. (incl: Lift Qi Up Method, Body Mind Form, Qi Regulation, Extraordinary Capability etc)

Video DVDs:

  1. Do’s & Don’ts of Lift Qi Up & Three Centres Merge, 2011

  2. Do’s & Don’ts of Body Mind Form, 2011

  3. Zhineng Taiji – Taiji Ball 1 & 2, 2012

Chief Therapist/ Instructor (various forms of advanced qigong theory & practice)

  1. Lift Qi Up Method Upgrading

  2. Body Mind Form Upgrading

  3. Extraordinary Capability Class

  4. Waist Relaxation Class

  5. Teacher Training Course Module 1 ( 2 years, 1400 contact hours)

  6. Teacher Training Course Module 2 (Elementary level +1 year 700 contact hours)

  7. Teacher Training Course Module 3 (Middle Level +1 year 700 contact hours)

  8. Professional Qigong Therapist & Instructor since 2003.

Qigong Experience

  1. Started practising Zhineng Qigong in November 1997. (self study)

  2. Set up ‘Island Zhineng Qigong Centre’ on 14th July 1999 and started teaching.

  3. Started Zhineng Qigong Teacher Training Classes and certifying Elementary Instructors in year 2000.

  4. Started giving public talks on Zhineng Qigong in year 2000 and conducted seminars for schools and organisations.

  5. Conducted various qigong experiments like spoon bending, cucumber reconnection, extra sensory perception, distant healing, cracked egg healing etc since year 2000.

  6. Receiving patients and instructors from Europe and Singapore since 2003.

  7. Started healing patients professionally since 2003.

  8. Conducted various upgrading and teacher training classes since year 2003.

  9. Invited to speak on ‘The Power of Zhineng Qigong’ by PACE (Promoting Activities of Continual Education), SERI Penang in September 2004.

  10. Started teaching in Europe since 2005.

  11. Invited to speak on ‘Zhineng Qigong and Cancer Healing’ by PACE again under Social Economic Research Institute, Penang on October 2008.

  12. Started to provide distant healing service through Skype in December 2010.

  13. Owner and moderator of one of the most popular English Zhineng Qigong forums:

    1. One of the moderators of the largest Zhineng Qigong forum (based in China) – the only foreigner on board.

  14. Invited to speak on: Pathological Perspective of Zhineng Qigong at Pusat Sejaterah, Science University of Malaysia (USM) on 28th March 2010. Currently waiting for the approval to run a clinical trial on asthma therapy through qigong with Advanced Medical and Dentistry Institute, USM.

  15. Working together with Usains Biomics in USM on the effect of external qi on cell culture and other external qi research since 2011.

  16. Started qigong therapy distance learning course in June 2012