March 2005 Vol III Nr 1

Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions

ISSN 1539-6576

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Volume III, Number 1

March 2005

Special Issue: Experimental Reports


Editor's Letter

Edmond Chouinard: An Introductory Note

David Belhumeur

Mind-Matter Entanglement with Geomagnetic Fields

Edmond Chouinard

Mind-Matter Entanglement via Telepathic Body Jerks

Edmond Chouinard

Mind-Matter Entanglement with Flames & Flowers

Edmond Chouinard

Cognitive Clusters and Attractors in Remote Viewing: a Pilot Study

Lian Sidorov, Julie Reeung, Dan Bailey, John Cook, Linda Lazarus, Gerry Zeitlin, Bill Stroud