Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions Volume III, Number 1 March 2005

Edmond Chouinard: An Introductory Note

My name is David Belhumeur, son-in-law to Ed Chouinard, author of the articles that follow. After a valiant battle, Ed succumbed to cancer and died on December 2nd, 2004. These papers are being lovingly submitted by the author’s widow, Amelia Chouinard, in celebration of his life.

Ed was a unique and very interesting man. A much loved man. Engineer, physicist, metaphysicist, entrepreneur, author, accomplished pianist, and teacher. “Multi-dimensional” is the single best word I could come up with to describe this man. Not only was Ed multi-dimensional but he also often operated on a plane, or at a depth or level of understanding, that few others operate at or achieve. What drove Ed? – DISCOVERY.

A brief review of his background reveals much about Ed:

§ As one of many early indicators of his accomplishments to come, remarkably, as a young teenager, he built an entire pipe organ from scratch.

§ He went on to attend MIT, Harvard, Brown, UMASS, BU Graduate School, Maharishi International University, and Rose Croix University.

§ He authored “Holographic Mind and the Tantra Magic of Live Mantra”, an integrated world model where mental spiritual states might live in harmony with the physics of matter.

§ His businesses (and his passions) were experimental research in mind-matter interrelation topics using tools of physics

§ Earlier in his careers, he built large scale electro-optical inspection systems for the US Air Force, Caterpillar Tractor, GE, Coors, and several other companies. He also performed work as a research scientist for Raytheon Research laboratories where he worked with high power plasma physics and low level instrumentation. In addition, he did work as a research and project engineer (design and build work in electrical, civil mechanical, and manufacturing engineering). His focus included precision machine tool laser metrology measurements and reliability mathematics and environmental testing of infrared spy satellite systems.

§ As a teacher he instructed in electronics (in industry and colleges), transcendental meditation, psychic projection, and healing.

§ As a recognized industry expert, he has presented at large world-class industry/university technical society conferences, at the society of manufacturing engineers and as an expert in electro-optical inspection systems.

§ Recently he has spoken at several ‘technical consciousness events’ (both in the USA and internationally – Greece) and written several ‘technical consciousness papers’ such as “holographic Mind – a non-local mind fluctuation sensor”.

His professional accomplishments are extensive and impressive. He was an even better husband, father, grampa, son, brother, friend and man. We miss him dearly and daily!

Note: Thank you for reading Ed’s papers/opus. One of Ed’s last wishes was that I identify a party interested in continuing his work. Ed has 5 electroencephalographs adapted for his research along with an extraordinary amount of data he collected. If you are interested in acquiring the equipment and data, please contact me at dbelhumeur@mccabe.com – Thank you.