Daz Smith

Daz Smith

Contact: Daz.smith@gmail.com or darryl@nethed.com

Daz Smith is an artist, graphic designer, author and active remote viewer who works with some of the most recognized operators and researchers in the field of RV on both public and private remote viewing projects. He also runs several large information websites on the subject of remote viewing and he edits and publishes http://www.eightmartinis.com/ - a magazine covering the latest breakthroughs in remote viewing from the standpoint of protocol, applications and analysis. Daz has also done extensive research on the CIA Star Gate archives and has a good working knowledge of the material covered in the 91,000 pages of information released on the government remote viewing programs.


From a very early age (10) Daz trained in a variety of classical psychic techniques including healing, meditation and different forms of psychic interpretation. In 1997 Daz trained in CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) in London with an ex Spec Ops soldier. Since that time Daz has been working with the Remote Viewing community, using his skills for public and private RV projects and missing people work. Daz’s missing persons RV has primarily been done for a US based group working with and for the US police services (Findme Group, http://www.findme2.com ). Daz has worked for this group for over four years, collaborating on over 200 missing people cases .

In 2010 Daz graduated the Lyn Buchanan P>S>I Operational Certification Program. This certification program is designed to help viewers produce CRV work in a style and at level that meets or exceeds current field standards.

Over the past six years Daz has worked for some of the most recognizable leaders in the field of remote viewing: Lyn Buchanan, Courtney Brown Ph.D., Paul H Smith Ph.D., Angela T Smith Ph.D., Alexis Champion and many others, on both public and private client remote viewing assignments.


For the last six years Daz has worked on ground breaking research projects for Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute. These projects include:

2010 Climate change project http://www.farsight.org/demo/Demo2008/RV_Demo_2008_Page1.html (As part of his project we also accidentally predicted a major earthquake in the LA area of the USA http://www.farsight.org/demo/Demo2008/LAX1.html)

Multiple Universes project


Mysteries projects


IRVA (International Remote Viewing Association) - Warcollier prize


Daz participated in a recent prize-winning Remote Viewing project for Debra Lyn Katz; this project is still ongoing.


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www.remoteviewed.com – Daz’s main Remote Viewing website

www.eightmartinis.com - the first dedicated Remote Viewing magazine

'Chat' Magazine Psychic 8 page special March 2010

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The Paracast Radio interview, April, 2009 - mp3 file. Click here to see my blog entry and the RV demonstration we did for the skeptical show hosts after the show had aired.

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