Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions, Vol. I Nr. 1, January 2002

Virtual Replica of Matter in Bivacuum


Possible Mechanism of Distant

Mind - Matter and Mind - Mind Interaction

Alex Kaivarainen

Department of applied physics, University of Turku,

Vesilinnantie 5, FIN-20014, Turku, Finland



The Extended Summary

The coherent physical theory of psi-phenomena is absent till now due to its high complexity and multilateral character. The original mechanism of Bivacuum mediated Mind-Matter and Mind-Mind interaction, proposed in this paper, is based on the following stages of long term efforts (see http://arXiv.org/find/physics/1/au:!Kaivarainen_A/0/1/0/all/0/1):

- Unified model of Bivacuum, [Corpuscle (C)<--> Wave (W)] duality of particles, Electromagnetism, Gravitation & Time http://arXiv.org/abs/physics/0112027;

-New Hierarchic theory of liquids and solids, verified on examples of water and ice by computer simulations http://arXiv.org/abs/physics/0003044 ;

-New Hierarchic model of elementary act of consciousness, based on exchange interaction between microtubules of distant neurons by means of coherent IR photons, inducing the reversible [gel<-->sol] transition in cytoplasm of neurons body and synaptic reorganization http://arXiv.org/abs/physics/0003045

-Introducing the concept of Virtual Replica (VR) of matter, including living organisms, in Bivacuum, as a consequence of our Unified model (UM).

The notion of Bivacuum emerged, as a result of new interpretation of Dirac’s theory, pointing to equal probability of positive and negative energy (Dirac,1958). Bivacuum in our UM is defined, as a micro-matrix of the Universe with nonlocal properties, composed from sub-quantum particles and antiparticles, existing in form of infinitive number of double cells, each containing correlated pair of virtual rotor (V+) and antirotor (V_) of opposite mass, energy, magnetic moment and charge. Violation of symmetry of these pairs, forming Bivacuum fermions (BVF^v) and Bivacuum bosons (BVB±) results in origination of sub-elementary particles (F+^v) and antiparticles (F-^v) with 3D spatial image like [actual vortex + complementary rotor]. The triplets of sub-elementary particles/antiparticles{[F-^ ¤ F+v] + F±^v} build elementary particles: electrons, positrons, photons and quarks.

Unification of electromagnetic and gravitational potentials of actual particles is shown to be based on dependence of these fields on kinetic energy of particles, which determines also the frequency of their

[C<--> W] pulsation. The feedback reaction between dynamics of Bivacuum and particles dynamics on different hierarchical levels is a crucial consequence of our [C<--> W] duality model, important for understanding of proposed here mechanism of Mind-Matter and Mind-Mind interaction. We present here a basically new physical approach to this problem.

The thermal vibrations (translations, librations) of atoms and molecules induce Bivacuum symmetry oscillations (BvSO) with the same frequency (µ). This frequency modulate the high frequency [C<-->W] pulsation of elementary particles. In turn, modulation of frequency of pulsation of [F-^ ¤ F+v] pairs - modulate the fundamental frequencies of Virtual Pressure Waves: VPW+ and VPW- of positive and negative vacuum, correspondingly due to exchange interaction. The VPW+ and VPW- represent the density oscillations of virtual particles and antiparticles in bivacuum, as a result of their origination and annihilation.

The multi - dimensional BvSO with tachyon properties are responsible for the 1st - nonlocal 2000). The 3-dimensional (3D) system of modulated by matter VPW+ and VPW-, propagating in Bivacuum with light velocity, is responsible for the 2nd - local/luminal component of VR(II) of this matter. The number of dimensions of VR(II) is determined by 3D space of Bivacuum.

Each elementary particle, atom and molecule may have own characteristic and coherent 3D-VR with properties of Quantum hologram. The same is true for coherent clusters of atoms/molecules in quantum state of mesoscopic Bose condensate [mBC] (Kaivarainen, 2000; 2001). The [mBC] may exist in macromolecules, like proteins, DNA, membranes, water, chromosomes, bones and any other kind of condensed matter. The VR of complex systems are composed from number of VR of their coherent subsystems [mBC], which are not necessary in-phase or synchronized with each other.

The Mind-Matter and Mind-Mind interaction is considered in our model, as interaction between VRS of Mind - ’sender’ (S) and VRR of Matter or Mind - ’receiver’ (R).

The Mind is considered, as a result of activity of individual [brain ! nerve system], which are

The important role in Bivacuum, mediated Mind-Matter and Mind-Mind interaction plays the microtubules of neurons in state of mesoscopic molecular Bose condensate (mBC) (Kaivarainen, 2000; 2001). This fraction of mBC is a variable parameter, dependent on structural state of microtubules and number of simultaneous elementary acts of consciousness (Kaivarainen, 2000, 2001). It can be modulated not only by excitation of nerve cells, but also by specific interaction with virtual replica of one or more chromosomes (VRDNA) of the same or other cells.

The resonant [Mind (S) - Matter (R)] and [Mind (S) -Mind (R)] interactions are mediated by Bivacuum symmetry oscillation (BvSO) and 3D standing VPW±, forming nonlocal and luminal components of VRS and VRR. This [S<--> R] interaction involves the feedback reaction between VR of [S] (VRS) and VR of [R] (VRR) and has the dynamic exchange character.

The frequency (µ) and amplitude of BvSO, responsible for specific modulation of high-frequency 3D- VPW±, forming VR of Mind (S), determined by microtubules and DNA, are determined by three factors:

a) frequency (µ) of thermal oscillations of coherent water molecules in microtubules (mBC);

b) number of coherent molecules in neuron‘s microtubules, including internal water in state of mBC;

c) tension and shape of the magnetic field, radiated in a course of the nerve impulse propagation via axons;

b) interaction with VRDNA of DNA of one or more chromosomes, depending on mitotic stage, intensity and polarization of coherent biophotons radiation in wide frequency range: from UV to kHz (Gurvich, 1977).

The change of frequency of selected kind of thermal fluctuations, like cavitational ones, in the volume of receiver [R], including cytoplasm of nerve cells, is accompanied by reversible disassembly of microtubules and actin’ filaments, i.e. gel" soltransitions. These reactions, 2000; 2001), are dependent on the changes of corresponding activation barriers. These changes can be initiated by interaction of VRR of [R] and VRS of sender [S].

There two possible mechanism of such distant interaction: dynamic and static.

The dynamic mechanism of [VRS <-->'VRR] impulse-energy exchange interaction is dependent on oscillation of excessive Bivacuum density energy: @e = | e+ - e- |S,R and corresponding oscillation of the excessive virtual pressure of Bivacuum @VP± = |VP+ - VP- |S,R, related to VRS and VRR. The frequency of these differences oscillation is equal to modulation frequency (µ) of BvSO, defined by frequency of coherent thermal molecular oscillations in matter in its fraction of mesoscopic molecular Bose condensate (mBC).

The other, static type of [VRS <-->VRR] interaction is dependent on total density of Bivacuum energy eBivacuum energy e± = | e+ + e- |, determined by total density of virtual particles and antiparticles of opposite charges and energies. This contribution to [S - R] interaction, influence bivacuum permittivity (eo) and permeability

o = (eoc²)¯¹], providing shielding of the Coulomb interaction between nuclears and electronic shells in atoms/molecules, changing thereby their polarizability.

The two mechanisms, proposed in our work: dynamic and static are supposed to be responsible for change of probability of selected thermal fluctuations (i.e. cavitational fluctuations) and intermolecular Van der Waals interaction in the body of [R], induced by [S].

The values of e+, VP+ and e-, VP- , depending on degree of Bivacuum excitation, can be field.

The effect of EM fields on interaction between cells and organisms depends on fields frequency, intensity and polarization. The latter follows from fact, that all biosystems are optically active, i.e. have different sensitivity to rightward and leftward polarized electromagnetic fields.

Our theory predicts, that if the receiver [R] is another Mind/Brain, the most sensitive targets for VRS of sender [S] are also coherent water clusters (mBC) in microtubules of [R]. In resonant conditions, i.e. when the modulation BvSO frequency of VRRand VRS are close enough: (µS R), as well as polarization of modulated (VPW±)R and (VPW±)S, the effect of [S<--> R] interaction should be maximum.

In this case, realization of certain series of elementary acts of consciousness in MIND of [S] will induce similar series in MIND of [R]. This means informational exchange between VRR and VRS, i.e. telepathy.

The individual character of telepathic signal transmission from [S] to [R] may be provided by modulation of VRMT S of microtubules by VRDNA S of DNA of sender’s chromosomes in neuron ensembles, responsible for acts of consciousness. We may conclude, that the informational exchange between ’sender’ [S] and ’receiver’ [R] may be mediated by:

a) modulation of luminal/local components of VRS and VRR of microtubule (MT) systems (3D-VPW±) by Virtual Replica of DNA (VRDNA S )


b) superluminal/nonlocal signal of BvSO, activated by coherent thermal vibrations of [MT+DNA] system.

These two signals transmission are inseparable processes, in accordance to our models of Mind-Matter and Mind-Mind interaction. Consequently, in accordance to analysis, performed by Sudbery (1997), the conditions of quantum teleportation are realized in our models.

The virtual replica (VRDNA S,R ) of highly ordered parts of the eukaryote’s chromosomes (introns), not participating directly in biosyntesis and including more than 95% of total DNA, may play the active and very specific role in the [Mind-Matter] and [Mind-Mind] interaction.

The so-called nucleosomes represent long parts of DNA, tuned around the histone octamer. This octamer consists from 4 pairs of histones (H2A; H2B; H3 and H4). The diameter of such nucleosomes (stable nuclear-protein complexes) is about 110 Å. The histones are able to modulate the DNA structure and functions. In accordance to our Hierarchic theory of condensed matter (Kaivarainen, 2000; 2001), the high density and stability of nucleosomes and native chromosomes provides condition for mesoscopic Bose condensation (mBC) at ambient temperature in their volume. The [mBC] may exist in form of so-called primary translational and librational effectons, representing 3D standing de Broglie waves of atoms/molecules of condensed matter (chromosomes in private case).

The existence of [mBC] and their coherent [C<-->W] pulsation, allows the quantum entanglement between chromosomes of distant cells and even between different organisms with similar properties of their molecular Virtual Replica (VR), as between [S] and [R].

It leads from our model, that the synchronization of the interacting chromosomes dynamics by coherent photons of certain frequency and polarization, should enhance the effect of quantum entanglement and interaction of their (VRS and VRR), because of induced combinational resonance.

Synchronization and spatial polarization of modulated by BvSO [C<-->W] pulsation of elementary particles of chromosomes of organisms-senders and organisms - receivers can be provided by polarized electromagnetic waves with length, determined by dimensions of interacting organisms and distance between them, i.e. the order of meters for animals and human beings. These conditions points to radio-frequency of EM waves, carrying such function.

This consequence of our Unified model of Bivacuum and quantum entanglement between synchronized particles of certain spatial relative orientation can be considered, as a physical background for distant transmission of genetic information between cells (donors-senders) and revealed by Dzang Kangeng (1992; 1993) and Gariaev’s group (1994), activated by special optoelectronic equipment.

Dzang Kangeng (1992; 1993) used hexahedron, cone, sphere and a parabolic-reflector aerial, as a kind of forms, providing specific spinning (polarization) of the electromagnetic (EM) field. In the D. Kangeng’s equipment the high-frequency generator of two orthogonally-polarized electromagnetic beams has been used, which repeatedly pass throw the donor and the accepting biosystems, necessary for informational exchange between them. All known biopolymers are optically active, sometimes in very specific way. Consequently, polarization of photons should increase the interaction of chromosomes with coherent photons, dependent also on their frequency and intensity. It is obvious that polarization modulation of electromagnetic beam by sender [S] (donor), should influence the quantum and small-scale dynamics of DNA of receiver [R] (acceptor) and, consequently on its VRR.

In Gariaev’s version of Dzang Kangeng’s device, the polarized laser visible beam (£= 632nm) transforms to coherently polarized radio waves (PLRW) of frequency range: (10^3 -10^6)s¯¹. This effect is explainable in the framework of our Hierarchic theory of condensed matter (Kaivarainen, 2000; 2001), as a consequence of stimulated by laser photons transitions (fluctuations) of atoms in composition of nucleosomes, accompanied by so-called convertons, macrodeformons and superdeformons, accompanied by EM-waves of (kHz - MHz) radio (Kaivarainen, 2000a). This device, like that of Dzang Kangeng is shown to be able to transfer the genetic information between different organisms. This information may be related not only to gene-controlled biosyntesis, but also to generation of morphogenetic field, responsible for internal spatial organization of the cells, the assembly of cells in organs, etc. We have to note here, that the spontaneous radiation of coherent ’biophotons’ by DNA has been revealed earlier by Gurvich (1977) and Popp (2000).

Corresponding visible photons also may be converted in radio waves, as described above, however without external source of EM energy.

The experimental facts, pointing to possibility of genetic information exchange between different organisms by means of polarized EM waves, may change our conventional paradigm of genetics and biological evolution drastically.

Theory of Quantum Holography, based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (Schempp, 1998) seems to have a strong correlation with our theory of Virtual Replica of biological objects and their Bivacuum - mediated interaction (Kaivarainen, 2001).

The experimental data are existing, pointing to influence of specific human intention (modulated biofield) on water pH (Dibble, Ditron and Tiller, 1999) and water structure (Pyatnitsky and Fonkin, 1995). The sensitive gas-discharge method (Kirlian effect) also reveals perturbation in water properties under the influence of biofield (Korotkov, 1999).

The physical nature of biofield, in accordance to our UM, is presented not only by the wide resulting VR should be very sensitive to its condition. As far parameters of VR may influence the polarizability and ionization potential of air molecules, depending on Bivacuum properties, this explains high sensitivity of Kirlian effect to very small perturbation in any kind of condensed object.

The Remote Viewing, studied in Stanford Research Institute (USA) from 1972 to 1986 (Puthoff, 1996; Targ, 1996) may be a consequence of the described above mechanism of distant Mind-Matter interaction.

The Virtual Replica (VR) of any actual system, in contrast to system itself, did not follow the relativist laws and casualty principle. Consequently, the different metastable VR, corresponding to past, present and future states of actual system may coexist. The VR of any selected system (i.e. human) is a part of superposition of huge number of Virtual Replicas of all material objects of the Universe, named Global Virtual Replica (GVR). Consequently, the individual VR of any selected human may be involved in global virtual self-organization process, i.e. evolution of GVR. The absence of causality in World of GVR makes possible influence of the virtual Future state of the given system on its actual Present state. Such mechanism of interaction between future and present virtual replicas of the same system can be responsible for phenomena of ”anticipation” for actual complex systems, for example, living organisms.

The private case of anticipation is a clairvoyance. This psi-phenomena may be a consequence of interaction of selected parts of future GVR with VR of human Mind with extrasensory abilities.

The telekinesis may be a consequence of Mind to change selectively the amplitude and anharmonicity of bivacuum symmetry oscillations BvSO and corresponding asymmetry of virtual (VP$, accompanied by cumulative excessive virtual pressure near the target. Telekinesis could be considered as a special case of macroscopic quantum entanglement.

The possible influence of individual VR, corresponding to some special states of Mind, on Global VR in bifurcation points of GVR self-organization, means possibility of the active role of human’s consciousness in evolution of the Universe. This consequence of our theory, unifying consciousness/brains/bodies with Bivacuum and Universe, is in accordance with ideas, developed by von Neumann (1932), Stapp (2001), supported by Conrad and Josephson (2001).

Our Unified Model and theory of Matter-Bivacuum interaction also has other interesting predictions. For example, the large scale collective and huge cumulative changes of kinetic energy in the volume of Earth, other planets and Sun (i.e. movement of huge mass of matter with high speed in selected direction), like in Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, deep internal mass shifts - should be accompanied by big fluctuations of electromagnetic, gravitational potentials, the excessive virtual pressure(VP$ in selected sectors (sometimes small) of Virtual Replica (VR) of the Earth. The corresponding localized changes of fields, Bivacuum permittivity and permeability may influence strongly the Van der Waals interaction between air molecules and probability of their ionization in regions of maximum of these changes. As a consequence, we get visible anomalous atmospheric phenomena, like local shining, UFO, etc.

The full text of this paper is located at: http://arXiv.org/abs/physics/0103031

Key words: Unified Model, Bivacuum gap and symmetry oscillations, Duality, Nonlocality, Elementary particles, Electromagnetism, Gravitation, Golden mean, Harmonization Force, Virtual Replica of Matter, Act of Consciousness, Mind-Matter Interaction, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Causality, Anticipation, Clairvoyance, UFO.