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General Studies

Physiological Correlates of Remote Perception

RV Data Characteristics

RV Science Applications

Environmental Factors

Feedback and Displacement

Intent, Belief, Subjective Parameters

Subject-Target Entrainment Lag Time

RV Computing Across Conscious Networks

RV Analysis Methods

RV Target Characteristics

Masking and Entrainment

Spacetime, EM Shielding Independence

Presentiment/ Precognitive RV

RV Indeterminism

Sectional Map Literature Sources and Abbreviations:

PAC = Parapsychology Association Convention

Abstracts available

JSE = Journal of Scientific Exploration

Full text freely available for issues between 1987 and 2008

J ISLIS = Journal of the International Society of Life Information Science

Abstracts available

ISSSEEM: The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

(archives no longer available online)

Journals and Issues (in red: already indexed)

Parapsychological Association Convention Abstracts:

2002 PA Convention Abstracts

1994 PA Convention Abstracts

Other Literature Resources:

For Remote Viewing

International Remote Viewing Library

Hawaii Remote Viewing Guild Library

Eight Martinis Magazine

Stargate Interactive

For Biophysics, Qigong, Meditation Research

Qigong and Energy Medicine Database

IONS Meditation Bibliography

Search Engines and Databases