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FUNCTION: working group focused on developing new research models, analytical techniques and applications in the field of Remote Viewing.


Iebele Abel

Adam Curry

Note: due to the highly diverse and technical nature of this group, individual project coordinators will function as primary contacts. If you wish to join, propose a project or need help networking with other researchers, please email Lian for assistance.

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How do we develop the most suitable types of equipment for the detection of mind-matter effects? Is the temporal and spatial resolution of current brain imaging methods high enough to capture the seemingly very narrow windows of target contact in remote viewing (McMoneagle 2003)? Can subtle energetic and structural effects (such as those presumably involved in homeopathic agents or the "intent-imprinted devices" used by Tiller) be detected with new equipment like Kaivarainen's Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties ? How can we confirm and make sense of "space conditioning effects" as those inferred by Tiller? And how do we reconcile the requirement for highly sensitive photodetectors with the need to simultaneously scan a broad frequency spectrum in search of electromagnetic signatures of nonlocal interactions?

Measurable correlates of psi function: can biophoton measurements be used as experimental verification of entanglement?



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