Mind-Machine/Field Interactions

FUNCTION: team researching individual and collective effects of conscious intent, expectation and emotional impact on random event generators and other non-living systems.


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Known effects on physical systems

Modulators and characteristics: distance, shielding, feedback, directionality, reversibility

Multiple operator interactions

Measurable correlates

Directionality and specificity: the role of imagery

Measurable correlates of psi function in group setting

What is the basis of brainwave synchronization and physiological changes ("super-ESP") in distant healing and DMILS?

Revisiting the ELF theory: the Earth as a cavity resonator, project Tesla, and the problem of non-attenuation; the Schumann frequency as "healing frequency" across cultural systems; thalamic silent phases, brain entrainment by environmental frequencies, and the question of global resonance (the Global Consciousness Project)

Is there supporting evidence for a One-Mind model? (Mark Germine's experiments; Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields; the Global Consciousness Project; Grof's and Jung's accounts of transpersonal/archetypal memory activation;