Core Advisory Board

The Core Advisory Board consists of experts in the fields of parapsychology, biophysics, quantum mechanics,medicine and other related disciplines. They are available as a resource for problems that go beyond the competence of project leaders, however their participation will be limited and specific questions will generally need to be forwarded through your group coordinator. In addition, they may choose to post comments, join us for occasional webinars or guide specific projects.

To be directed to our Staff's Profiles, please click on the name link.


(contact to ask for participation)

? Robert G. Jahn

? Brenda J. Dunne

? Bill Bengston

? Roger D. Nelson

? Dean Radin

? Paul Smith

? Brian Josephson

? Vlatko Vedral

? Joseph McMoneagle

from old JNL Participants list/contributors

? Charles T. Tart, PhD

? Larry Dossey, MD

? Garret Yount, PhD

? Angela Thompson

? Stanley Krippner