Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions, Vol. I Nr. 1, January 2002

Topic for next issue (May-June 2002):

An experimental basis for psi

- pooling technologies in parapsychology and alternative medicine

- measurable correlates of psi function

- biological structures as signal processors (cell membrane liquid crystals; microtubules, DNA and other biopolymers; the hydrogen-bonding of water)

- what is the basis of brainwave synchronization and physiological changes ("super-ESP") in distant healing and DMILS?

- energy blueprints, bioinformation channels and "jump-starting" healing processes: the connection between physical/emotional trauma and "body memory"; DNA expression, morphogenesis and morphogenetic fields: where does the signal begin, and what is the connection to mental intent?

- bioemissions: the key to stadardizing psi effects? Can biophoton measurements be used as the experimental basis for psi variables? Transfer of bioinformation through biophoton transfer

- revisiting the ELF theory: the Earth as a cavity resonator, project Tesla, and the problem of non-attenuation; the Schumann frequency as "healing frequency" across cultural systems; thalamic silent phases, brain entrainment by environmental frequencies, and the question of global resonance (the Global Consciousness Project)