Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions Volume III, Number 1 March 2005

Mind-Matter Entanglement with Geomagnetic Fields

Part 1

by Edmond Chouinard, 485 River Avenue, Providence, RI 02908 USA


Local geomagnetic field fluctuations are seen to dramatically change as a function of directed mental protocols. These same fields are also changed and uniquely altered when measured in close coupling to the human body. It appears that mental protocols that send out thoughts and energy, even from distant points around the world, directly affect the local geomagnetic fields in accordance with love and healing type intentions. Mankind would thus appear to be closely tied to Earth's geomagnetic fields, as quantum entanglement vehicles of information transfer, fields that underlie extraordinary forms of communication such as telepathy. Alternative vocabularies can now speak of unifying connections among mankind via a measurable web of love, as seen through such field fluctuations of Earth's magnetic grid. These findings are unveiled through dozens of simultaneous physical measurements on mental protocol targets and the laboratory environment, where large telltale signals evolve. This paper presents a detailed overview of these geomagnetic findings through of a wide cross section of frequency spectrum graphs of simultaneous physical measurements. There are many graphs, but the exposition of these findings is in the details. Simply put, the mind of man is entangled among other subtle objects throughout the world, according to directed mental protocol, and these graphs present some of the empirical evidence. Building upon these rather amazing discoveries will undoubtedly change life from that presently known.

This paper embeds three equally important primary facets: experimental, experiential, and theoretical, where the first is most expansive as I am an engineering physicist. The three facets need be held on an equal footing for the science developing herein to gracefully unfold. Traditionally, the scientific method has not included the experiential facet as an indispensable part of scientific enquiry along with its well developed experimental and theoretical facets. The observer was simply presumed to be, de facto without much further ado, unconnected to the objects being studied. This is blatantly not so in these mind-matter entanglement experiments, where a discriminating play among the observer, the process of observing, and the observed come into being. Indeed, the primary purpose of this paper is to show that the experiential is a macroscopic world phenomena integrally tied to the experimental and theoretical, and it is measurable by the instruments of physics. The need for the simultaneous existence of the three facets is covered in a background paper that outlines this work, “Experimental Program in Mind-Matter Interrelationships”, which was presented at "Quantum Mind 2003" at Univ. of Arizona. This paper also contains many photos and descriptions of sensors and instrumentation setups that are typical of these experiments.

The folks who predominantly participate in these experiments and who enact and empower the mental protocols that send information and energy throughout space-time are meditators, healers, psychics, channelers, astrologers, and often those of esoterica who are already acquainted with subtle realities of life from deep personal experience and conviction. Scientists might despair over such a sequestered selection, but such choices are analogous, say, to selecting a physicist when one wants to do physics. The folks who participated in five recent worldwide experiments were "live" seminar participants of channeler, Steve Rother, who led the groups with short mental protocols while laboratory target events were recorded. The folks participating in the Web of Love experiment, the concern of this first paper, are mostly unknown, as the project is brought out on Steve Rother's website, www.lightworker.com, where any and all were invited to join. Included could be many others who have been influenced by other channeled sources, for instance, such as the scientific channelings of Kryon at www.kryon.com.

Experimental Hardware

This paper is written for scientists and discriminating non-scientists alike. Thus, occasionally included are extended descriptions of critical concepts that are not widely known in the non-scientific worlds. The experimental setups use standard and specially built sensors and sensor packages. Some 100-miles of wire has been wound to create several dozen electromagnetic coil sensors, from 4" to 30" diameter, and together weighing over 200 pounds. In addition, several dozen created electrometer type sensor packages measure Earth's fluctuating electrostatic fields. Solid state magnetic field sensors provide additional calibration reference. Additional built up sensor packages include: accelerometers, non-contact infrared thermopiles, ultra sensitive piezo temperature sensors, and a host of white light and laser electro-optical experimental platforms to measure color, light intensity, infinitesimal physical movements, and optical properties of material via interferometry. A 3-square foot cosmic ray detection system measures some high energy particles and gamma rays that are continually pouring on Earth from the sun and outer space. Standard and special built physiological sensors include pulse, breath rate, breath volume, skin resistance, both contact and noncontact temperature, and an 80-channel Grass EEG capability.

Data Files, Frequency Spectrums, Range, Resolution

A few specifics are necessary to correctly read the coming graphs. Measurements on all variables, in all experiments herein, are made in the very low frequency spectrum ranging from 0.01 Hz to 64 Hz. All experiments run for precisely 128-seconds, a time found useful in simultaneously dealing with the many practical tradeoffs among human and technical parameters. Each data file contains 64-channels, where each is sampling data at 128 samples per second for 128 seconds. Thus each of the 64-measurements contain 16,384 data points. Fourier transform frequency spectrums are performed on all channels of every file, to see and quantitatively state the amount of energy excitation over the frequency range being measured. The overall mean of each channel's integrated frequency spectrum is evaluated along with the means of eleven comb filter digital frequency bins, which are centered around the frequencies: Select, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 56 Hz. The statistical mean, standard deviation, and skew are also evaluated for each channel of raw data. These 15-telltale numbers are found to vary significantly among data files from different mental protocols, and are thus good graph signature indicators. Raw data graphs (16384 data points) and frequency spectrum graphs (8192 data points) are here viewed. Since the frequency spectrums go to 64 Hz, corresponding to 8192 data points, then 1 Hz = 8192/64 = 128 data points. Maximum resolution is thus 0.0078 Hz. The graphs are plotted in terms of data points and the frequency associated with each data point is therefore: Frequency = (Data Point Value)/128.

Web of Love Experimental Measurements

The Web of Love Experiment occurred on Sept 18, 2004, over seven periods of 5-minute sequential intervals that started at 10:55, 11:00, 11:05, 11:10, 11:15, 11:20, and 11: 25 am Pacific time for a total of 35 minutes. These seven periods correspond to experimental protocols: #0-Initial Calibration, #1-Send Turbulence, #2-Calibrate, #3-Send Healing, #4-Calibrate, #5-Send Love, and #6-Calibrate. Seven 64-channel data files were taken for 128-seconds, starting at 10:57, 11:02, 11:07, 11:12, 11:17, 11:23, and 11:27 am, respectively. The hundreds and thousands of folks who participated, all around the world, were told to send Turbulent Energy to the laboratory targets from 11:00 to 11:05 am. They were to rest from 11:05 to 11:10 am. They were to send Healing Energy from 11:10 to 11:15 am. They were to rest again from 11:15 to 11:20 am. Finally they were to send Love Energy from 11:20 to 11:25 am, the end of the experiment. However, the laboratory took its last measurement, #6-Calibrate, at 11:27 am. Figure 1 shows six spectrum analysis graphs of a large 30-inch diameter coil sensor, located on a laboratory test bench, and is measuring local geomagnetic fields in the North-South direction. The first measurement, #0-Initial Calibration, is shown the same in blue on all six graphs. The six red graphs correspond to the following six sequential periods of the experiment: #1-Turbulence, #2-Rest, #3-Healing, #4-Rest, #5-Love, and #6- Rest. These mental protocols are further discussed at www.lightworker.com/WebofLove. These same sequential routines were repeated in a second experiment starting at 3:55 pm Pacific.

Figure 1 - Frequency Spectrums

Graphs 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, and 1F

The blue traces show the same run #0-Initial Calibration on all graphs. They are the calibration run made a few minutes before the formal beginning of the Web of Love experiment, at 11:00 am and at 4:00 pm. The red traces begin with run #1-Turbulence, the first mental protocol which is sending Turbulence. All other experimental protocols are shown relative to this same #0-Initial Calibration. Laboratory conditions remained the same during all runs, with minimal participant movement.

Startling Differences between Send Energy Runs and Calibrate Runs

There are remarkable differences between the #1-Turbulence, #3-Healing, and #5-Love group of Send Energy graphs and the #2-Calibrate, #4-Calibrate, and #6-Calibrate group of Calibrate graphs. The differences are enormous, showing amplitude changes from 10X to 100X along various parts of the frequency spectrum, especially at the low and high ends. Indeed, there is something that must have drastically changed in the laboratory environment between these periodic 5-minute intervals, between the periods where energy is actively being sent and where the resting states settle in. First, note that the 1-3-5 Send Energy graphs (red traces) all show a slightly lower level of excitation, as compared to the common reference background of #0-Initial Calibration (blue traces). These relative shifts in overall energy have also been confirmed through the comparison of statistical means of the overall spectrums of the red traces versus the blue traces, and through comparison of statistical means among the digitally processed spectral bandwidth bin boxes discussed earlier. Thus, during Send Energy periods, the overall energy magnitude measured in the laboratory was less, as compared with the #0-Initial Calibration energy. Conversely, as is easily seen by just looking at the graphs, the 2-4-6 Calibrate graphs (red traces) all show considerably higher levels of excitation, as compared to the #0-Initial Calibration (blue traces), especially at the lower and higher ends of frequency spectrum. Do not here be deceived by the apparent smaller thickness of the red trace "noise" levels, for as the excitation level increases upwards, the graph is displaying a more condensed scale factor rendition of "noise" because of the logarithmic scale attributes. The blue trace "noise", being lower on the graph, displays the same "noise" with larger amplitudes. As the overall trend of "noise" moves higher on the graph, even the blue trace exhibits smaller peak to peak "noise" values. What matters here is that the total energy exhibited is proportional to the height of the "noise" trend line values on the vertical scale, precisely what the eyes see clearly without any fuss or further ado.

Delayed Action and Mind Matter Quantum Entanglement

It would seem that the affectations of the Send Energy protocols did not become effective in the local sensor apparatus until the Send Energy protocols ended and the Calibrate protocols began. Explaining such delayed action bears the footprint of indeterminate quantum "pumping" time. The channeled Kryon is ever quick to point out that our linear time frames experienced while embodied are altogether different than the ever present compacted NOW time frames enjoyed on the other side of the veil. Notions of naturally occurring synchronicities, or not, start to play important roles in nature's responses among mind-matter interrelationships. Electromagnetic fields and gravity are said to be interdimensional relative to the other side of the veil, while virtually all other forces surrounding human attributes operate naturally in linear time only. Though still quite mysterious, this transformation from interdimensional NOW time to laboratory linear time can thereby require delay periods in linear time to accommodate the necessary synchronicity of events, which are not required in the compacted NOW time. This feels strangely like the behavior of quantum mechanics, something which yet needs to be further addressed. It is presumed that such a Kryon concept is connected with this time-delay phenomena, which is so obvious on the spectrums shown above. As will be seen following, this type of "delay until protocol finish" format runs throughout all of this experiment, but not of others with significantly different protocols. Very interesting. There are many unanswered questions and situations here yet, but the key aspect for the moment is one thing only - that powerful signals appear to correlate with the emergence of mental protocols. This is the primary and key consideration at this time, that good signals be obtained. Their interpretation is to be forthcoming.

60Hz Interference - False 52 Hz and 8Hz Signals

Notice the peak at the far right at 7680, which equals 7680/128 = 60 Hz, the power line frequency of North America and the laboratory. This 60 Hz power frequency signal is most troublesome with any type of low level measurements, but here, it is especially troublesome in that the very coil sensors that are looking for low frequency signals are also picking up and magnifying the 60Hz. The peak of this signal is several thousand times greater than its "noise" surroundings, even though instrumentation filters have greatly diminished its amplitude. However, it is not yet attenuated sufficiently, mostly because of overall system design tradeoffs. This causes aliasing, a form of digital interference with the 60 Hz, which results in the production of false pips, here the equally large 52 Hz and 8 Hz pips that sum precisely to 60 Hz.

8 Hz Signal - Schumann Resonance

Note to tallest peak near 1024. Upon magnification the actual value is found to be 1032, which translates to 1032/128 = 8.06 Hz, which might easily be misconstrued as a Schumann resonance. This resonance is considered a standing wave circulating Earth, which can be roughly calculated by dividing the speed of light by the circumference of the earth, 186,000 miles/second divided by 24,800 miles circumference = 7.5 Hz. The literature quotes a Schumann resonance peak at 7.8 Hz, perhaps because it is a relatively stable pip frequency of reasonable amplitude. However, parallel Earth diameters at different latitudes will be smaller, giving rise to a higher frequency. A close look indicates many frequencies, continuously bubbling up and down in magnitude and direction. Indeed, these Earth circulating resonances extend continuously over a rather large frequency region to 50 Hz, maybe higher, with a major excitation region in the EEG alpha region from 7 Hz to 12 Hz. Though this 8 Hz resonance peak is huge, it is mostly an illusionary false pip, created by digital interference with the mammoth 60 Hz signal. Nevertheless, it sits on top of or is close to the 8 Hz Earth resonances, here seen as a broadening at the base of the pip.

52 Hz Signal

Notice the huge peak at 6648 = 51.94 Hz, which has a magnitude some 1000X greater than surrounding values. Watkins, et al, (2000) reported the measurement of "whale-like" sound burst sequences with 5 - 7 second durations at 51.75 Hz, thus a potential energy source for maintaining a circulating magnetic field, much as the Schumann resonances are thought to be maintained, further "pumped", by the thunder and lightning storms existing somewhere around the earth at all times. Supporting the whale thinking, Kryon has suggested, in difficult to understand abstractions, that whales contribute vitally to the maintenance and balance of the Earth's magnetic grid, thereby also affecting humans. Yet, this huge 52 Hz signal is false, due to aliasing as described above. This situation is now being remedied and is not vital to the overall thrust and content of these papers. In the simplest possible language, there are two big pips and a couple of tiny pips that are false. Knowing this, by itself, absolves the problem. Nevertheless, in the future it will be better to not have any false pips. In any event, the Watkins whale signal might still be found modulating the huge 52 Hz pip, as with the superimposed 8 Hz Schumann resonances described above.

43 Hz Signal

Notice the huge peak at 5498 = 42.95 Hz. This is a real pip, as are all the remaining ones being discussed. It has a magnitude over 1000X greater than the surrounding values. Kryon has mentioned the F-note relative to the properties and healing qualities of water. Interestingly the lowest F-note on the piano keyboard has a frequency of 43.65 Hz, based on A-440 Hz tuning standard, or a frequency of 42.71 Hz based on the old C-256 Hz tuning standard. Thus, it would appear that this may be the Kryon mentioned F-note, humanity's healing F-note that is tied to the qualities of water in some yet unknown way. Additionally, however, this 42.95 Hz signal corresponds closely to electromagnetic waves which are presumed to be circulating the molten central core of the Earth that gives rise to the Earth's magnetic field. The molten core is estimated to be around 1500 miles in diameter. Dividing the speed of light by the circumference of the molten mass yields a resonant frequency of 39.47 Hz. If the effective mean diameter of the molten mass was actually 1380 miles, then its circulating resonant frequency would be 42.95 Hz.

50 Hz Signals

Notice a substantial peak at 6400 = 50.00 Hz, which has a magnitude of some 100X over its surroundings. This is presumed to be the 50 Hz power frequency used by those not using the 60 Hz standard. The 50 Hz frequency thus sweeps around the world magnetic grid as must also the 60 Hz frequency.

9 Hz, 10 Hz, 12 Hz and Smaller Signals

Note the three substantial peaks that lie in the human EEG alpha rhythm region, located just to the right of mammoth 8.06 Hz resonance, and all having signal to noise ratios in excess of 100, namely: 1161 = 9.07 Hz, 1255 = 9.80 Hz, and 1568 = 12.25 Hz. In addition, there are several other signals with signal to noise ratios around 10X: 20 Hz, 25 Hz, 31 Hz, 35 Hz, 38 Hz, 40 Hz, 42 Hz, 44 Hz, and 58 Hz. A reference datum is being established.

Digitized Analog Signals

The changes in the Figure 1 signature signals are so large that huge doubts can arise over the integrity of the instrumentation and data processing. Other than the known aliasing problem brought out above, the high quality, low level precision instrumentation that is used in these experiments has been checked many times for "spurious" signals and overall proper functioning. However, to help dispel continuing doubts, shown below in Figure 2 are two sets of raw data files of the digitized analog signals used to generate the 1st and 2nd spectrum analysis graphs shown above in Figure 1, namely run #1-Turbulence in red over run #0-Initial Calibration in blue, and run #2-Calibrate in red over run #0-Initial Calibration in blue.

Figure 2 - Raw Data

Graphs 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D

Graph 2A is an overview of two complete files containing 16,284 data points each, corresponding to the 128-second length of each experimental run. The graph shows four big spikes, two in the blue of the raw data file of run #0-Initial Calibration, and two in red of the raw data file of run #1-Turbulence. Note that the vertical scale is now linear for raw data files and not logarithmic as for frequency spectrums, and in this instance going from + 2 volts to - 4 volts. Graph 2B is a highly expanded segment view that was chosen to have a full scale horizontal width of precisely 1-second. The eight light green horizontal scale dividing segments thus correspond to 1/8-second. The 8.06 Hz analog activity is now easily seen as a full cycle within the width of one such segment. The earlier mentioned frequency spectrum's 42.95 Hz activity can now also be seen, as it is superimposed over the 8.06 Hz activity and thus slightly obscures a clearer view at the 8.06 Hz. The spiked blue pulse is now seen to be a 2X or 3X magnification (not a 100X or a 1000X magnification as in logarithmic cases) of the basic 42.95 Hz activity, for a duration of about 5-cylces, which all but drowns out a clear view of the 8-Hz during that interval. Indeed, all of the frequencies shown in the Figure 1 spectrum analysis graphs are superimposed in these Figure 2 raw data graphs, tending to obscure a clear view of things. The need and meaning for spectral analysis is thus seen. Graph 2C is the same thing again, but now for raw data files of run #0-Initial Calibration in blue again, and of run #2-Calibrate in red. Graph 2D is an expanded view, again with a full scale of 1- second, from the beginning of file. It is seen for both runs that the waveforms of raw data are regular and show no saturating analog electronics or any other strange or superfluous signal activity that might tend to create radical changes in frequency spectrums. The data is thus accepted as a real and true reflection of reality.

Figure 3 - Growing Frequency Pip

Figure 3 - 30 Hz and the Mysterious Growing Frequency Pip

Turning back to Figure 1, notice the large blue peak between 3584 and 4096, near the center of all six frequency spectrums. Note that none of the graphs show a corresponding superimposed red pip as appears to exist on virtually all of the other large pips? Figure 3, above, shows an expanded view of this region with a horizontal scale going from 3712 to 4096, a total span of precisely 3 Hz. First note that the blue pip has a peak magnitude well over 100 times that of its surroundings, and thus it is a huge signal. Secondly, it is located at precisely 3840 = 30.00 Hz, exactly half of the 60 Hz line frequency. Easier to see now, the red pips do, in fact, also rise up a bit below the blue pip, though of lesser height by at least a factor of 20. However, referencing graph 3A, #1-Turbulence, note the large red pip just to the right of blue pip at 3883 = 30.34 Hz, which has a magnitude well over 100X from its surroundings. Moreover, it is seen growing in width in graph 3B, #2-Calibrate. The total energy represented by the pip is increasing, as energy is proportional to the area under the pip, i.e., proportional to the pip's height multiplied by its width. Interestingly, the peak is now located at 3886 = 30.36 Hz. Thus its vibration rate is increasing also, even if only a vanishing small amount. Continuing to graph 3C, #3-Healing, the pip is somewhat reduced in height, but its frequency is still rising, now being at 3889 = 30.38 Hz. However, another pip has sprung up out of nowhere, just to its left, near the blue 30.00 Hz signal. Daring to speculate, perhaps the two pips are somehow sharing some or all of the energy from the pip existing in the previous 5-minute interval? Moving to graph 3D, #4-Calibration, the pip has now grown to a height of some 1000X over its surroundings, and with yet increased frequency of 3890 = 30.39 Hz! The second pip has disappeared. Graph 3E, #5-Love, contains the double set of pips again, as in graph 3C, #3-Healing, but now both are larger in height and width, thus containing yet more energy. Moreover, the primary pip frequency is still rising, now at 3892 = 30.41 Hz. Finally, following through with more of the same speculation, graph 3F, #6-Calibration, would then seem to have been caught up in an incomplete transition stage, where the middle pip may have been dissolving while the primary pip was yet still growing. In any event, the total energy of the two pips has grown considerably and the frequency is still seen rising at 3896 = 30.44 Hz! Amazing! What is happening here? More speculation is in order. The metaphysical worlds have always talked in terms of rising rates of vibrations and increasing energy fields, the two terms being essentially interchangeable, actually not so much different from the quantum field energy transformations of modern physics, but here applied to consciousness. Is this growing frequency pip, last left at 30.44 Hz above, part of a spontaneous creation of energy coming directly from mental protocols themselves or catalytically via connections to the geomagnetic grid? The channeled Kryon source is single minded about our contracted tasks of raising the vibrations of planet Earth, and quite literally through human interconnections with the Earth's magnetic grid. It is necessary to perform future experiments to test such things.

Geomagnetic 3-Dimensional Vectors

Thus far, the graphs shown are the result of a single 30" diameter coil sensor, which is measuring the geomagnetic field in the North-South direction, within 5-degrees of compass heading. This is a single dimensional measurement of a 4-dimensional phenomena, which though often useful is incomplete. Two other 30" diameter coil sensors are located orthogonal to this first referenced sensor, in the East-West and Up-Down directions. The purpose of the triad arrangement is to establish 3-dimensional triangulation to find the actually existing spatial reality of energy flowings in time, i.e., to generate vector representation. This is important. For those unfamiliar with vectors, consider the following simple example. Put a stone or marker at the starting point at one's feet and walk 7-steps forward, 3-steps to the left, and the equivalent of 4-steps upwards, say to the height of one's head. The line from the initial stone marker point to the present head location constitutes a 3-dimensional vector, a vector defined by the number triad (7,3,4). Later in time this vector may have evolved into triad (9,5,17). Whatever. A different triad set of numbers will result in vectors pointing in different directions, and in general, having different lengths. The length of a vector represents magnitude, which might be specifying energy in a dynamically moving space-time. Similarly, the geomagnetic field components generated by the triad set of three orthogonal 1-dimensional coil sensors will generate a vector, which represents the actual 3-dimensional direction and magnitude of the fluctuating geomagnetic fields at any instant of time. The physical reality is thus represented by sets of dynamic vectors that have direction, magnitude, and move in time: they can vibrate, oscillate, spin, rotate, and translate in directional orientation. Technically, there are 8192 vectors available from the graphs shown here, since frequency space has been divided into 8192 pieces. However, our interests will concern only a tiny fraction of these. Figure 4, below, shows the simultaneous 3-dimensional frequency spectrums of the geomagnetic fields for run #1-Turbulence with the triad set of three orthogonal 30" diameter coil sensors. They constitute a large area reference datum and standard by which other geomagnetic activities in the laboratory environment may be compared.

Figure 4 - 30" Triad Coil Vectorization

Graphs 4A, 4B and 4C

Note that point 1032 = 8.063 Hz has an amplitude value of roughly 100,000 at the North-South sensor, of roughly 10,000 at the East-West sensor, and of roughly 1000 at the Up-Down sensor. Thus, though all three are huge signals, by any estimate, nevertheless, the vector points mostly in the North-South direction with a slight tilt toward the East-West (actually 5.7 degrees = arc tan 10,000/100,000), with a hardly noticeable tilt in the Up-Down direction (actually 0.57 degrees = arc tan 1000/100,000), due to having 100X less amplitude. Though these 8.06 Hz pips are mostly false and largely due to interference, they are nevertheless spookily and coincidentally appearing in proportion to known magnetic orientations! Now consider the real 7680 = 60 Hz pips that are large and about the same height both North-South and East-West, indicating that, yes, the laboratory has 60 Hz lines running all over the place. However, in the Up-Down graph, the 60 Hz pip is even taller, probably due to high voltage overhead street power lines. The three pips in the EEG region, points 1161 = 9.07 Hz, 1255 = 9.80 Hz, and 1568 = 12.25 Hz are about the same height in the plane tangent to the Earth at the laboratory, but subdued over an order of magnitude in the Up-Down direction. Thus, these vector fields would seem to be circulating around the Earth rather than coming in from outer space.

In sharp contrast, the ever growing 30.44 Hz pip at 3896 is best seen in the Up-Down direction, as shown in Figure 3, being much smaller in magnitude in the North-South direction, and practically nonexistent in the East-West direction. Thus, we now have new information about this restless growing 30.44 Hz pip; that it is primarily a vertical vector with some reasonable tilt component in North-South direction, indeed, more or less at the existing sun's direction at the time data was taken. Could we speculate then, that energy coming from the sun and/or outer space is here somehow superimposed with the Earth's magnetic field, which grid ley lines lie in the North-South direction? There is much new information here among the many differences in these three orthogonal directions, even as we must remember that the data points represent 2-minute time averages. The real importance and value of vectors is to see their dynamic evolution in time, as is here seen in moving sequentially from run to run. Undoubtedly, as already seen and as will be further seen, the geomagnetic field is a flurry of dynamic vector activity, changing as a function of both frequency and time. In addition, as the next section will demonstrate, this vector activity will also change as a function of spatial location, and also as a function of frequency dependent coupling coefficients with material objects and humans.

Figure 5 - 4" Triad Sensors

Graphs 5A, 5B and 5C - Geomagnetic Field Coupling to Humans

Now to still more exciting findings. This flurry of changing geomagnetic fields is apparently coupling and interacting with objects in the laboratory, such as humans (to be covered in Part 2) and such as flames and flowers (to be covered in Part 3). However, there is initial concern about the interaction and nature of the geomagnetic fields themselves with targets, here humans. Three additional triad sets of 4" orthogonal coil sensor packages are simultaneously taking measurements. One triad set is placed high on a book shelf, out of way and some 4-feet away from humans. The other two sets of triad sensor packages settle on the seating couch of a two person human test station. The triad sensor packages are located between the open legs of sitting Test Subject #1 and of sitting Test Subject #2, close to the crotch and lower stomach. This setup is to measure the state of the 3-D geomagnetic fields in a spatial region where their high impedance fields are likely to be damped, modified, and or transformed, due to energy absorption by the low impedances of the closely coupled, salt water immersed, spinal column and lower chakras. The above Figure 5 shows 3-graphs of the #2-Calibrate run of the 4" North-South coil sensors of each of the three triad orthogonal sensor sets, which are located, respectively, on Subject #1, Subject #2, and the book shelf Reference. The same sort of extreme changing behavior is exhibited on these frequency spectrums as was earlier seen on the frequency spectrums of Figure 1. However, it is here seen that the behavior, though extreme, is different among the 3-graphs, even though generated by identically constructed 4" coil sensor packages. The electromagnetic fields are found to be changing drastically as a function of physical location and/or as a function of frequency dependent coupling coefficients of specific humans.

Graphs 6A, 6B, 6C and 6D

The same type phenomena is again seen with other coil sensor types located in the Human Test Station. Shown below in Figure 6 are 4-graphs of run #1-Turbulence and of run #2-Calibrate. The first two graphs are derived from a massive 6" Coil Sensor located behind the head of Test Subject #1, and the second two graphs from a massive 14" Coil Sensor located behind the head of Test Subject #2. Again, mostly similarities with differences, but huge changes in the run #2-Calibrate charts are still faithfully repeating a real physical changing phenomena occurring just after the #1-Turbulence run. As with Figure 5, it again appears that spatial location, coupling coefficients, time evolution and system responses are all involved. Note that the 8.06 Hz resonance at 1024, and 43 Hz water related F-note resonance at 5498 have been subdued. If the pips represent energy, then where has the excess gone? Lots of questions arise and more experiments need be performed, but it would seem probable that some of the energy has been coupled to the low impedance heads of test subjects.

Figure 6 - Test Station Sensors

Test Subject Experiences

Three human subjects sat quietly in the laboratory during the Web of Love experiment, one simply as a witness of subjective experiences and two sitting at the Human Test Station, where noncontact sensors monitor the local environment and some physiological variables. Many qualitative sensations were felt during both Send protocol runs and Calibrate protocol runs, as tingling up and down the spinal column, heat and pressure sensations in the body and around the head and eyes. A serene sense of tranquility often emerged along with spontaneous deep meditation that automatically took hold throughout most of the sessions, especially as the three participants have long been involved in TM, transcendental meditation. There was an initial sense of suspension, pondering if so many folks sending energy together from all around the world might tend to overwhelm. However, nothing of that sort occurred, indeed, quite the contrary, in that all three subjects agreed that the set of experiences seemed rather mild, timid even, in comparison to other experiences of the same type at other times and places. Undoubtedly, though, the personal experiences were very pleasant, full of energy, and quickly led to transcendence. The Send mental protocols were quite generalized, purposefully, where much of the detail was left to the senders, according to their own volition and understanding, and there are many variations of expression. Virtually all known esoteric sources agree that instructions passing through the subtle aspects of the veil must be very specific and verbatim with respect to goals, but void relative to the detailed mechanics of operation. Intention is all important for the sender, whereas methodology is the greater concern of angels and other natural cosmic forces. Here, the intentions were centered around the generalized energies of turbulence, healing and love, and such protocols certainly did energize the laboratory environment, overwhelmingly, as has been vividly seen. The simultaneously energized human cellular structure is not necessarily "felt" by the experiences of consciousness on a short term basis, just as disease (say cancer) that is experienced by the cellular structure is not necessarily "felt" consciously on a short term basis.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Yet, there is another critically important factor. Not everyone who has been aware of this Web of Love experiment has become infatuated with it. On the contrary, some small minority of folks find only fear and despair in such things. Less than positive thoughts can and do raise havoc with such experiments. This is well known by some researchers. A 19th century English physicist who studied the dynamics of séances, Crookes, has early-on discovered a fundamental truism that is still extremely valid. He noticed that whenever newspaper journalists were invited to witness the often breath taking phenomena of his séances, nothing happened. When they went away, things began to happen again. The very opposition to positivity and the intent of wanting to show fraud and trickery, mixed itself in with the local group consciousness, and as a catalyst, literally kept the spontaneous creative subtle phenomena from activating. Debunkers will respond loudly, "Well, how convenient!" So be it. However, a meeting of minds implies just that. Folks need to be marching to the same tune, indeed, becoming a single coherent mind. For those of us who have experienced one or more flavors of extraordinary perception and who are becoming ever more grounded in the joy and excitement of seeing more clearly across the veil, it is we alone, without the destructive negative forces of debunkers, who need to work together in relative privacy and confidentiality. This will help keep the trumpeted tune coherent, where the unveiling of subtle holistic phenomena begins to occur. Kryon and other esoteric channeled sources have also reiterated such, that small study groups must be of like mind, where even just one alone, who seems bent on negating or destroying, can poison the whole soup, or certainly have it become less delectable and less energizing. Over and over again, this is so. Intentions must beneficially melt into one another. Coupling coefficients between our subtle vehicles need to be maximized. The interconnection processes between folks is of that irresistible longing for joy and love, which in other vocabularies may be called a flow of grace or shakti accompanied by bliss. There is no intent to proselytize here; there is no preaching or evangelizing. The work first needs to be better understood among ourselves, where the responsibility lies. As Kryon points out, in due time others will spontaneously come to understand this joyous commotion by themselves, by the subtle and not so subtle personal experiential affectations of the fruits of the work.

Theoretical Speculation

These geomagnetic and electrodynamic fields now offer a most pertinent and relevant avenue toward the better understanding of mind-matter interrelationships and quantum entangled states of consciousness. Though these experiments are performed in the realm of classical physics, the activation of the Earth's electromagnetic fields from the molten core matter and the sun's magnetic storm influences are quantum mechanical in nature, as are the subtle affectations of geomagnetic fields on living cellular structures. The Kryon channelings by Lee Carroll offer particularly fascinating insight into the Earth's magnetic grid, an interconnecting structure that is integrally tied to the very being of mankind, indeed, the missing link for that desired all encompassing "theory of everything". Until recently, physics never got much involved with spooky things like consciousness, and then predominantly from the cosmological and mathematical points of view. Modern theoretical papers present endless new quantum mechanical abstractions in some dozen or two dimensions, and often of a nature that admit no possibility of experimental verification. Simultaneously the truisms of parapsychology are still being avoided like the plague. This self inflicted psychological limitation is all about the observer who is still adamantly being held to be some type of external god-like intellectual entity, a one who is dogmatically maintained as separate and distinct from the domain being observed. This forces ignorance of the subtle hidden veil behind the "normal" waking state duality to remain steadfastly intact, seemingly a safer position. Still not allowed into discernment is an experiential aspect of consciousness that can float among the observer, the process of observing, and the observed. It is here put forward that subtler aspects of meaning of the geomagnetic field fluctuations can bring such a discernment experience ever closer to everyone, where physics and metaphysics can meet on a common reference ground. A working theoretical framework surely must include both physics and metaphysics, a melding and welding together of these two apparently opposing frameworks.


Though this is just a beginning and lots of data needs yet to be unraveled, nevertheless, there can be no doubt that the worldwide mental protocols presented herein have dramatically affected the response of physical scientific apparatus. Man appears to be directly coupled to the geomagnetic fields, and mental influences from great distances can and do affect the targeted geomagnetic environment and consequently mankind itself via the coupling of these fields to the cellular structure. Such telepathic type phenomena can no longer be considered a figment of misdirected emotions and/or of an over active metaphysical imagination. This is the physical reality of a new world order.

In ending, I wish to thank the many folks, worldwide, who have contributed so magnificently to this work. You are all truly valiant. Without your participation, none of this knowledge could come forward. You are blessed. I particularly wish to thank Steve Rother, who quite unexpectedly arrived in one of nature's spontaneous synchronicities, and who vastly accelerated my research schedule with his great enthusiasm in the project. In the same breath of cooperation, I open my laboratory to any scientist and/or research group wishing to further research this topic in good faith. All pertinent files are available along with the details of sensors, instrumentation, and software routines. I may also be able to supply much or all appropriate hardware and software, indeed, a complete laboratory setup. It is my intention to become integrally involved with other folks of like mind in this most extraordinary worldwide research effort. Toward this end, I invite all interested parties who wish to actively contribute in good faith, to join me in a new discussion group just opened for precisely this purpose, Mind-Matter Entanglement Laboratory. This group also contains several papers, in the Files section, that are pertinent to this endeavor.


Thank you. Edmond Chouinard