Frequently Asked Questions

How do I publish a proposal in the Journal of Nonlocality?

Submissions are accepted and published as rapid pre-prints throughout the year. To upload a proposal, go to our journal website, register (if not already a user) then follow the instructions for authors.

All papers will be pre-screened/peer-reviewed by our editorial board within 2 weeks of submission, after which accepted articles will be published in the Open Submissions section of the journal for open peer review. All reader comments will be moderated and published on both the JNL and M3P websites, following which the author will be given a chance to revise the original paper prior to final publication in the Journal of Nonlocality. Final papers will be assigned a unique DOI through CrossRef and indexed in the appropriate databases.

What are the requirements for a proposal submission?

We accept fully detailed protocols as well as short-form (2-3 page) proposals. However, please try to follow the following format:

a. Define question

b. Concrete example (if applicable)

c. Historical/scientific background

d. New proposals (practical solutions, theoretical and experimental approaches)

e. Relevant experimental results (if available)

How do I join a working group?

Follow these instructions . Once you register with one group and enter your profile information, you can use the same log-in to join other groups (send your requests to liansidorov@gmail.com). You will be assigned four abstracts/month to index by each group you join.

What are M3P ranking points?

A scoring system designed to reward people for their participation and generally correlate with the level of involvement in the Mind-Matter Mapping Project. In conjunction with the Member Profile, someone’s M3P score is a quick gauge of their expertise.

How are M3P ranking points assigned?

· Each indexed article and additional reference: 1 point

· Networking and funding references: 10 points

· Article submissions: 20 points (short-form), 40 points (long-form)

· Peer reviews: 15 points

· Group coordinators: 50 points/month

· Moderators: 30 points/month

· Editorial, IT, PR functions: 50 points/month

I have some funding/applications ideas. Who do I contact?

You could write to liansidorov@gmail.com or contact ICRL directly (see icrl.org).

I have a project idea. Who do I talk to?

Please write to liansidorov@gmail.com or contact the appropriate group coordinator if already registered.